torsdag 18. august 2011

When do you feel beautiful?

- Excuse me miss? Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
- I have a Beauty Blog and right now I am making a videoblog where I ask all sorts of women a question. Would you mind to answer a question while I videotape it?
- Hm, I’m not really from here I’m from Norway...
- Even better!
- Okay...but what kind of question is it?
- I will ask you «When do you feel beautiful?»
- It’s a good question. But I’m not even sure what to answer....
- It’s allright. Let’s just say like this, I will put on the camera, just ask you the question and you answer whatever pops in your mind. Wanna try?
- Hm, ok...
- So, girl from Norway, when do you feel beautiful?
- I feel beautiful when... I am happy. And... when I am surrounded by, and having a good time with my  friends. Yeah. That’s absolutely when I feel the most beautiful.
- Surrounded by good friends...good answer there. Well thank you and have a lovely day. 

Så sant. Så sant. 

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